Non profit fundraising efforts have dwindled since the economic crisis started around the world. Non profits have been forced to cut programs,Guest Posting slow their efforts, and many to even shut down. In recent years, fundraising efforts have changed from traditional in kind donation auctions, donations, sales, and walks to incorporating the incredible power of the Internet. Fundraising numbers in the billions have been recorded for non profit organizations utilizing this new style of fundraising. See how these organizations are raising such record numbers.

Using the incredible power of the Internet and the growing e-commerce market, non profit organizations have implemented very successful fundraising efforts. The fundraising takes place each time someone shops online. For every purchase made from hundreds of online merchants, buyers have the chance to donate a percent of the purchase back to the organization of their choice.

This process is done in three simple steps.

1)   Users open up an online portal.

2)   Users select a non profit organization they wish to earn donations for

3)   Users select from hundreds of merchants to shop from

Once the shopper selects their merchant of choice they are to simply shop as normal and the donation will be earned for the selected organization. Some of these merchants include Apple, Eastbay, Fandango, BestBuy, Wal-Mart and other big name stores.


There are three incredible aspects of this fundraising system.

1)   People can support their organization doing something they are already doing. Shopping online. There is no investment except for three extra clicks.

2)   Shopping on the Internet offers discounts to buyers not seen in stores. Most online merchants offer free shipping and other great discounts to buyers shopping online. Shopping online allows people to save when they shop.

3)   Online fundraising is completely free. Organizations are to simply sign up and they can begin receiving donations immediately.

Using online fundraising, non profit organizations have seen more earnings in a single month than in the previous six. These record earnings are causing thousands of non profit organizations to turn to online fundraising. See how you can help your favorite school, church, or other non profit today online fundraising.