Leather is a material which even in simplicity manages to make a sophisticated statement. This is the reason that in spite of changes in trend and the discovery of ever new materials, leather has not lost its place in the fashion world. Even in non personal fashion accessories like diaries, pen stands, key chains etc. this material is very popular. Leather key rings are especially preferred by a large number or people. The idea of a key ring was originally developed to add mass to the small bunch of keys. This prevented the keys from being misplaced. At the same time it was easier to look for them from amongst other things in a pocket or a hand bag. Moreover, it improved the persons grasp on otherwise slippery metal keys. But with the passage of time this simple item began to be designed creatively and was sometimes used purely for aesthetic reasons.

Other than being an aesthetic fashion accessory, key rings custom keychains are also designed for utility purposes. One can find them in the shape of small screw drivers; pry bars, calculators, flashlights etc. Even leather key rings can be designed to be used as things like photo frames. In fact even a simple strip of leather used as a key fob is enough to make a style statement. This and many other reasons make these popular corporate gift items. Although it is more expensive than plastic or rubber, this material is not as expensive as sterling silver. At the same time it stands out in the plethora of plastic and rubber key rings flooding the market. Moreover contrary to what you may think it is fairly easy to make use of leather creatively and create aesthetically appealing designs. A combination with another material like cork or rubber can provide the flexibility and scope of creativity that a designer may be looking for.

Your company name, logo or message printed on leather key rings

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